Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Josh and I celebrated Valentine's Day early this year since we both work later in the evening on V-Day. Once Josh came home from work we exchanged a few small special gifts and then enjoyed a dinner out at Granite City! We shared our favorite appetizer, Idaho Nachos and a plate of linguini pasta for dinner. We ended our evening with a few round of Mario Kart while eating chocolates! It was a great first married Valentine's Day together! 

Feeling full from Idaho Nachos

Yummy Pasta! 
Josh showing the Valentine I made for him with candy hearts. I also gave him a basket full of his favorite candy, a card and 2 potted flowers to brighten up our home!

The candy heart Valentine read (I like to think of it as high school version!): Josh, I  am head over heels for you! There is no doubt that you rock! You are my heart throb and I hope we can be friends 4ever! Honey Pie, there is no way that I could ever live without you! Guess what? I'm in love with you! I think that you are my soul mate and that you are good 4 me! The truth is...I want you! Email me!
I love you, Ann

Josh gave me a box of chocolates (that I picked out weeks ago!),  a box of my favorite Girl Scout Cookies- Thin Mints, and a sweet card! 

Yay for our first married Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day friends and family!

Love from Fargo,

Josh & Ann

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you two love birds. Ann, your card to Josh was darling.