Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend my beautiful bride and I took a break from the freezing norms of life in Fargo.   We had planned a little getaway to get out and about and make the most of the winter weather.  We inherited some cross country skiing gear from Ann's grandparents and have been itching to put it all to good use.  So we booked a hotel in the quaint little town of Park Rapids, MN for a couple nights with plans to head even further north to ski the trails of Itasca State Park.  One of the biggest draws of the hotel we stayed in was the indoor pool and hot tub.  Unfortunately we ended up battling old, beer bellied, hairy men for the hot tub all weekend. We got our turn every once in a while though, so it was worth it!  Overall it was a wonderful weekend full of great food, fun adventures, and relaxation!  Here are some pictures of the highlights of our weekend, enjoy!

Bundling up to get ready to go XC skiing

Eating at the historical MinneSoda Fountain

This reuben was SO good!

We had to try the hot fudge shakes!


Nothing like skiing in -10 deg weather!

Slow down, Ann!

Ann getting fancy in her skiis

Looking good, Josh!

Getting cold...

Nothing like skiing amongst the snow-covered pines of Itasca State Park! Cold but beautiful!

We enjoyed dinner at our new favorite restaurant, The Goodlife Cafe
Josh LOVED the fries

Ann loved her salad (and Josh's fries)!

We went to see "Little Fockers" at the quaint downtown theater along with half of the people having dinner at the restaurant with us! Date night in Park Rapids!

Ann had trouble getting out of our king size, pillow top bed.

Walking around downtown Park Rapids.

Back to the Goodlife Cafe for lunch! We loved the decor.

We both ordered the "Rachel." A delicious sandwich composed of turkey, cole slaw, swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing on rye bread. And a side of fries of course!

Our beautiful drive home. 

We had to document the massive snow piles back in Fargo.  This is one next to our apartment building.

Hi Josh!

Ann got stuck attempting to stand in front of the snow mountain in front of our apartment. 

The pile of fake snow that was shop-vacuumed off of the garland and kitchen cabinets! We couldn't be more thrilled to trash this fake, mess-making snow!

Get it, Josh!

That's all for now!

Love from Fargo,

Josh & Ann

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  1. Hi Josh and Ann, I enjoyed this post so much! The photography is wonderful, and it's very nice to see two people so in love. It looks like you're surviving your first winter in Fargo!