Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trip across the Midwest!

Last weekend, Josh and I traveled to Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit our families. We had fun going on a train ride (on the light rail downtown Minneapolis) with Ethan, Emily and Diane and enjoyed lunch at one of our favorite restaurants- Aurelio's with the Ridder family! We then went to Wisconsin and spent the rest of the weekend there.

On Saturday we made a trip to visit my sister, Gretchen in Milwaukee and she gave us a lovely tour of her art school MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) and showed us her latest artwork. She is one talented girl!! She also gave us a tour of the town since this was Josh's first Milwaukee visit! We spent Sunday in Stevens Point and made a trip to the Cheese Factory in Rudolph, WI (about 10 miles away from my parents' house) and stocked up on our favorite cheeses. We hit quite the snowstorm on the way home and it ended up taking 2 days get back but we made it! We had a wonderful trip and were so happy to get to spend time with our families again!

Here are some of our snapshots of the weekend:

Waiting for the train! It was a little chilly...

Huddling under the heater to stay warm

Ethan eagerly waiting to board the train! So fun to watch his excitement!

Happy to be aboard "Arrow" 

I had fun taking pictures of Eman...he is so stinkin' cute!! 

Looking over the map!

Talking over the next stop...

A view from the highway of the Milwaukee Brewers Stadium 

Gretchie's apartment!

One of the pizzas from our lunch out in Milwaukee!

I realized I ate part of the tip of my fork that broke off in my pizza...oops!

One of Gretchen's latest paintings- amazing!

Gretchen's illustrations of a book she had to create for one her classes. One of my favorite pieces!

Gretchen's current project she is working on...looks cool already! 

Gretchen's painting studio, #10

A view of the street from inside MIAD.

One of the many funky downtown buildings in Milwaukee

A crazy car we saw driving downtown...

Trying to send a couple different messages I guess?

A view of downtown Milwaukee from a park near Gretchen's place

Our favorite Cheese Factory in Rudolph, Wi!

So many choices...!!

You can see the women cutting and packaging freshly made cheese! Yum!

Can't leave the factory without getting a few scoops of Wisconsin-made ice cream!



We helped my parents get new cell phones on Sunday afternoon...there was a pretty long line at the store so Josh took a little break on the floor.

That evening there was quite a bit of snow that accumulated!

11 inches in one day! Yikes!

Quite a big pile on the grill...

We'll post again soon!

Love from Fargo,

Josh & Ann

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  1. It looks like you had lots of fun! I sure enjoyed your photos!