Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our New Blog!

We are very excited to be kicking off our new blog, Love From Fargo! With Jill's prompting and too many stories that need to be shared, we have decided to start this blog!

We thought what better way to begin than to share the "Top Ten" list of knowing that you live in Fargo (based solely on personal experience!!)

You know you live in Fargo when...

#10 Your grocery store options are Cash Wise, SunMart and Hornbachers
#9 Retail stores are packed with shoppers whether it be 65 degrees and sunny or -15 degrees with 10 foot snow drifts, ice covered roads and 20mph winds
#8 Your garage is clear of snow when you pull in for your lunch break and 30 minutes later there is an 8 inch snow drift blocking your garage
#7 When you leave a warm environment you instinctively start running towards your next destination
#6 Daily conversations include the next deep freeze and the impending spring flood
#5 Being a Fargoan doesn't mean being cold, it means installing an auto-start in your vehicle
#4 When approaching a stoplight, you find yourself praying for green lights as red lights usually mean sliding for 50 feet before coming to a stop
#3 You have a hard time forming your "Top Ten" list without mentioning snow
#2 Massive machines that you thought only existed in sci-fi movies come out at night to remove snow

And the #1 reason you know you live in Fargo is when:

The landscape which you once thought would remain flat and barren forever transforms to mountainous piles of snow and ice boulders as high as 2 story buildings everywhere you look 

We will be posting more adventures and pictures soon!

Love from Fargo,

Josh & Ann


  1. LOL. nice work. I especially like the one about running from on warm destination to the next. I totally did that when I was there!

  2. So fun to read about your 'you know you're in Fargo when ...' moments.