Friday, May 27, 2011


Josh and I have been busy little beavers lately and thus have not updated our blog! We are preparing to move this coming Monday and Tuesday so we are packing while each working a full work week! Uff da!

We are moving to White Willows Townhomes in West Fargo and we couldn't be more excited! As much as we love our apartment in South Fargo, we are feeling ready to try a new location with some different perks! The townhome we will be renting is 2 story, 2 bed and 1 1/2 bathroom with a double attached garage.  This means no more running outside to our garage in the middle of a blizzard- yay!! We also get some lawn space with a small patio. We will be in a neighborhood which we are excited about and near a park and school. We are currently at the intersection of 2 busy Fargo streets and are ready for a change in scenery!

We will try to post some pictures when we get settled in! We are excited to have my (Ann's) mom come join us in the packing/cleaning/unpacking process!

Here is a picture of the place from the renter's website:

We will try to update again soon!

Love from Fargo,

Josh and Ann

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  1. This is exciting news and I'm very happy for you. Good luck with the move!