Friday, April 15, 2011

Fargo Flood Season 2011

As I'm sure all of you have heard- it is flood season in Fargo! Josh and I are completely safe and flood-free in south Fargo in our second story apartment but we did take some time this week to venture out to downtown Fargo-Moorhead to check out the situation! We had heard that the Red River crested on late Saturday and early Sunday morning so our pictures are from Monday morning when the river was pretty high.

We started our adventure at the Moorhead mall on the parking ramp. You can see some of the road and parking lot are blocked off because they are under water.

I think this was part of the parking lot and possibly a road too...

You can see how high the water is under that bridge...yikes!

Check out the stop signs- almost completely under water!

This one doesn't have a chance...

The lower level of the parking ramp is completely flooded

You can see the street sign in the tree...just the top peeking out!

I think this sign says "keep right"

Standing near what is left of the sidewalk!

The stairs outside this apartment building are slowly getting submerged...

Josh and I walked over the bridge that connects Moorhead to Fargo. We stopped and took pictures along the way:

More submerged stairs...

Here are some shots of the clay dikes the city built to protect the homes and businesses along the river. We were surprised by how high and long they were! Impressive!

There were barricades put up at this park area at the end of the bridge to keep the approaching water out:

This Red River means business!!!

Thats all for now! We are keeping our thoughts and prayers with those who are losing their homes and jobs to this flood...we are hoping the waters will go as quickly as they came!

Love from Fargo,

Josh & Ann


  1. CRAZY!! Hoping that the floods go away and you guys can enjoy some good least for a few months.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures! You can show your kids some day 'look at Mom and Dad - these were from a big flood when we lived in Fargo'! :)

  3. It's sad to know Fargo goes through this almost every year. Too bad they don't construct a permanent dike to end the problem.

    Your pictures tell the story. I'm glad you're safe!

  4. Hi Ann! I saw that you are a new'ish follower of my Blue Yodey page and was happy to see you there! Thanks for taking such good care of me after delivering Nora at the end of March - I seriously had the BEST nurses ever - you included!